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Since 1986

Our Story so far.

Back to our roots

Founded in 1986 The Great Kathmandu is spoken of all over the globe. In far fetched places from Australia to America It’s the Talk of the town. Proud winners of the coveted The Observer readers best Indian restaurant in the UK award. Once Listed as best Indian restaurant in the UK via Hardens.

We have been providing

quality food for over

3 decades


In conjunction with Local, National and International Charities we try to give back to the community.

We raised over £15,000 pounds for Nepal's earthquake appeal which saw us provide water filters and shelter for needy family's and schools.

We are currently actively helping in the construction of a school in a remote part of Nepal to provide education in an earthquake proof building.


We regularly work in conjunction with neighbouring schools to engage with pupils about nepalese culture and cuisine.


We often gather up and dispose of litter left on Burton Road. This may be glass bottles, paper and other items. We have planted several flowers and have instated hanging gardens on the corner of Burton Road and Cavendish Road.

We use biodegradable straws and use reusable linen and napkins to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • 1970's

    Gopal Dangol Comes to the UK

    Gopal Dangol was already gathering a name for himself as one of the finest chefs in Kathmandu and it wasn’t long before the word spread to England. Soon after, he was pin pointed by a restaurateur in the North West to cook for him in a new and exciting project.
  • Mid 70's

    Kathmandu Opens on Sackville Street

    Gopal Dangol & several colleagues started a new venture this was to be a milestone for Asian dining in the north west. Nepalese food had finally arrived in Manchester in the form of The Kathmandu.
  • 1986

    The Great Kathmandu opens its doors in West Didsbury

    With the Kathmandu gaining almost Cult status things took a turn for the worst and slowly the partners drifted apart. After the Kathmandu ceased business in ’86 Gopal began work on a new project, an altogether ‘Greater’ project, The Great Kathmandu Tandoori Restaurant. This was to be a decidedly family affair all his six children chipped into make it what we know today.
  • 2008

    Winner of Harden's & Observer Newspapers Best Indian Restaurant in the UK

    Mr Dangol's hard work was finally recognised in 2008 when The Great Kathmandu won this prestigious accolade to see off some 35,000 other establishments and be crowned the Best Indian Restaurant in the UK (Even more impressive given our Nepalese influence.)
  • 2009

    Expansion & Disabled access

    The Great Kathmandu expanded into the old Jack Beanstalk video shop in 2009 which allowed the kitchen and floor capacity to increase. We also added a Disabled toilet and access for wheelchairs.
  • 2011

    Nomination for the Tiffin Award House of Commons.

    We were nominated for a Tiffin Award from the House of Commons for our diverse cuisine and resilience.
  • 2013

    Further increase in capacity

    We redeveloped the original section of the restaurant to offer a more spaced out dinning area.
  • 2017

    Development of Media suite function room

    With interest from many companies in and around the area we developed the media suite. With its 120" HD projection system and full THX sound stage. we can cater for up to 40 guests with a private bar and toilets. We host many small conferences and Medical meetings and can also project photos or videos for party's and have a Karaoke system available too.
  • 2019 - 2021

    Winner of Curry Awards Best Nepalese Restaurant in the UK

    With the help of our culinary team and family, we managed to secure the crown of the best Nepalese Restaurant in the UK. We faced stiff competition from several eateries, including one on the same road, but we came out on top.
  • 2023

    Complete restaurant renovation and new signage

    The Great Kathmandu's recent renovation introduced new booth seating and a feature wall, along with updated lighting, to enhance the dining experience. Booth seating offers a cosy, intimate atmosphere, while the feature wall showcases the restaurant's character and cultural roots. Improved lighting creates an inviting ambiance, contributing to the overall dining experience. These upgrades demonstrate the restaurant's commitment to evolving and catering to the preferences of its clientele. The classic and timeless signage acknowledges the heritage while promoting a fresh new approach.
  • 2023

    The Nations Curry Awards Winners.

    The Nation's Curry Award recognises exceptional restaurants serving Indian or Nepalese cuisine, honouring them for their outstanding culinary skills, service, and overall dining experience. This further establish our reputation for offering authentic flavours and excellent customer service while highlighting our dedication to maintaining high-quality standards.

Meet the Team

We pride ourselves on the quality and retention of our staff. Being a family run business means we treat them all like family.

Gopal Dangol


Gopal Dangol

Even to this day Gopal can be seen greeting his customers on the odd occasion. Aside from cooking he also loves gardening.

Buda Dangol


Buda Dangol

From a business and IT background he has taken over from his father. He took over the business in 2010. Buda is a keen Photographer and enjoys Music Production. He loves Hiking and is planing a trip to Everest Base camp in the coming year.

Ramesh Khadka


Ramesh Khadka

Award winning chef from Kathmandu Nepal and Son in law to Gopal Dangol. Enjoys football and supports one of the teams from Manchester...

Asha Khadka


Asha Khadka

The Eldest daughter of Gopal Dangol and a smiley face ready to greet guests. Asha has walked the carpets of The Great Kathmandu since its inception. She is also a keen Dancer and is currently collecting Tattoos.

Akash Khadka

Floor Manager

Akash Khadka

Akash is Gopal's grandson and he controls the reservations and seating in the restaurant. He has a creative eye and enjoys Lifestyle photography.


Bar Manager


A is also a grandson of Gopal. He manages the bar and billing. He is a keen gamer and musician. when he is not behind the bar he is making "bars".

Abul Chaudry

Head Waiter

Abul Chaudry

Abul has been taken the orders at the Great Kathmandu for 2 decades. He loves cars and can often be seen browsing auto trader.

Azar 'DJ' Ali

Food Logistics Manager

Azar 'DJ' Ali

Azar is one of the longest standing members of staff. Some say our curry is the secret of his eternal youth. He loves football and supports whomever is winning :-)