From Manchester to Everest Part 1

On many an occasion, I had used the landmark of Everest to highlight where Nepal was geographically but I had never ventured that far up north and it somewhat irked me. As a boy when I visited Nepal I would often look out of the window and wonder if the Mountain in the distance was indeed Sagarmatha, the traditional name for Mount Everest. As time passed that view of Everest was soon obscured by progress. Building upon building connected by masts and towers, I had never felt farther away from the mother of mountains.

In 2015 I started to get into Walking and with a group of friends, we began to explore the vast landscapes that the UK had to offer, Living in Manchester gave me a great vantage point to several National Parks within a few hours. With each walk I kept ruminating about Everest and the possibility of trekking there, so in 2017 we made a plan to attempt to trek to Basecamp, baring in mind that the UK’s highest peaks are in the range of 1345m-1200m and The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, is 1400m it’s quite apt that we start where we left off.

We chose to trek in early 2018 but several complications pushed this back, a point to be considered, when arranging with several people, is time off work. This may have played in our favour as it gave us plenty of time to prepare and hit the gym, so we set a new date of March 2019.

In preparation, I started to look at what I was eating and began to control my weight. I was at the gym 3 to 4 days a week for at least 1hour 30mins each time. Over the coming months, I lost 35kg and I had never felt fitter. You don’t get to a state like this without some mental will power and that takes conditioning. All the time my eyes were on the prize of Everest Basecamp.

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